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Ant Pest Control

Do you have a problem with ants in your home or at your place of business and need ant pest control?

Identifying an Ant Infestation

Ants are easy to recognize, ant pest control can be difficult. Once they have invaded a location enticed by any form of food, ants will contaminate food supplies quickly. In addition, among the many species spread across North America, several types of ants can significantly damage structures in a relatively short length of time. Ants have been known to also cause troublesome health issues as well as being an unsightly nuisance to property owners. Ants form colonies headed by a queen and her workers. They develop quickly into large nests formed along the openings and crevices of a property.

The Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control pest control experts are experienced and able to quickly identify any ant species. Some species can threaten the well-being of individuals as well as the overall structural integrity of your property. With a customized ant pest control program, a plan can be put into place for their quick removal.

Ant Pest Control

The Most Common Types of Ant Infestations

Carpenter Ants

Preferring to nest in wood, carpenter ants look for moist areas and chew away at wood and other structural components including electrical cables!! Small piles of sawdust almost always indicate the presence of carpenter ants that systematically make their way through a home or business.

Health Risks From Ants

Ant infestations are also frequently found to be the cause behind various individual health concerns ranging from allergic skin reactions to continuous headaches. Consider a consultation with a Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control pest control expert to address your concerns.

To learn more about ant pest control, contact a Arizona Organic Pest & Termite Control specialist for a free assessment.


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What’s more is that we use environmentally-sound treatment methods, which means you can feel confident knowing that no harsh chemicals are being used throughout your home. If you are looking to speak with a professional about a possible pest infestation, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be there as soon as we can to assist you.

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